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Convenient Loans for Land Purchases


At Bruner Land Company, our land financing program makes purchasing one of our lots as easy as possible. We offer a variety of options for owner financing to customers who buy land through us. For your convenience, we offer a land loan calculator. Check it out to see what your loan might look like when you buy from us.

Use Our Calculator

Financing Options

There’s no middleman when you buy from Bruner Land Company. We’ll work with you one-on-one through every step of the purchase  process, ensuring owner financing is available if desired. Buying options include:

  • Cash Sale: We offer cash discounts off the purchase price if you choose to pay cash or finance through a mortgage institution.
  • Owner Financing: We provide the option of owner financing on most properties. We generally require 10% down and will finance the balance for up to 30 years at 9.9% interest. We finance with a Deed, Note & Mortgage, with no prepayment penalties. Property is recorded in your name once we have received all signed paperwork and your first payment is received in our office.

The Advantages of Financing a Land Purchase Through Us

Bruner Land Company has been in business since April 1987, and in 30-plus years, we have never sold any of our land contracts or Note & Mortgages. In fact, we still continue to service each one of them in our home office. You can call any business day to speak one-on-one with one of our representatives and get answers to all of your questions.

All of our properties have a recent title search, and most have title insurance and a recent survey, all of which we will be glad to share with you.


There is a $100.00 fee for cash sales when we handle the closing; this fee covers all deed preparation and recording. If you choose to finance through a mortgage institution, we do not charge any fees and the closing costs are at the buyer’s expense. For Note & Mortgages, the fee is $500.00 and covers the preparation and recording of the Deed, Note & Mortgage and release of the Mortgage when paid in full.

Protective Covenants

We place protective covenants (restrictions) on most of the properties that we sell, and they will vary from farm to farm. These are in place for your protection, as well as ours. To determine exactly what the restrictions are for the piece of property you are interested in, please check that farm to view protective covenants or contact your sales representative.

**Disclaimer: Bruner Land Company is not a mortgage company. We only offer owner financing to customers who purchase land from Bruner Land Company.

Finance Your New Cabin With Us

If you are looking to purchase a piece of property from Bruner Land Company and would like to put a hunting/recreation cabin on the property, we can offer you financing on the cabin too!   We will finance the cabin for up to 1/2  the price of the property with a maximum of $20,000.  Financing will cover the land and cabin only (no water, electric, septic, etc.)   The cabin must be built by a reputable dealer approved by Bruner Land Company.  Please contact your salesperson for additional information.  New purchases only!

For more information on these cabins, visit Dutch Barn Builders

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