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Our Team

Leadership, Office & Sales Staff

For more than 30 years, Bruner Land Company has been your source for rural properties for sale. We have an amazing team that keeps our customers satisfied and our operations running smoothly, and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

Leadership Team

Harry Bruner


Harry founded Bruner Land Company in 1987, inspired by his own experiences in real estate to help prospective homeowners buy land and invest in their future. For more than 30 years, Harry has seen Bruner Land Company as a way for anyone to become a landowner.

Doug Bruner

President & Co-Founder

Doug, Harry’s son, has been part of the family business since day one. He looks at the company as a means for people to make good investments via real estate, and to enjoy land with their families, whether it be for hunting, farming or just plain living.

Eric Bruner

Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

A longtime part of the company, Harry’s son Eric emphasizes the importance of meeting customers’ needs and wants, and offering a huge – and affordable – variety of land purchase opportunities.

Sales Staff

Alice Bruner

More on Alice

Becky Bruner

(740) 630-6724 or (740) 685-8138

More on Becky

David Carpenter

More on David

Diana Steele

(740) 441-1492

More on Diana

Grant Bruner

(304) 966-1084

More on Grant

Lori Bruner-Garland

(614) 565-5666

More on Lori

Paul and Karen Chapman

(740) 459-9031

More on Paul and Karen

Shannon Carpenter

More on Shannon

Sheri Bruner-Badertscher

(740) 685-3003

More on Sheri

Willy Murphy

(304) 619-3966

More on Willy

Office Staff


Loan Servicing & Accounts Administrator


Office Manager


Advertising and Web Manager


Deed & Real Estate Taxes Management

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