Titko II Farm | Noble County | Enoch Township

For More Information:

Becky Bruner
(740) 630-6724 or (740) 685-8138

173.275 Acres

Farm Facts

Hilly and wooded hunting property. Stripped for coal in the past, has been partially reclaimed. Some high walls and open fields. Unmaintained township road after you pass the house; no gravel, ditching or snow removal. At this time the township is not required to do maintenance on Fulda Church Rd.

You will need to walk the last 1/4 mile to the property.

Only 7 miles from Caldwell.

All mineral rights reserved.


From I-77 S Caldwell Exit 25

  • Turn left onto SR 78, go 1.9 miles
  • Turn right onto SR 564/Frostyville Rd, go 5 miles
  • Turn left onto Fulda Church Ridge Rd (TR 305), go 1/4 mile
  • It will look like someone’s driveway
  • Property starts with white PVC pipes

Watch red & white Bruner Land Company signs!

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